We have invented the ultimate perfect weight program. A true world first. We teach you to use gravity mechanics.

We will make your quest for getting ideal weight into a true exciting adventure!!

We have created a revolutionary pioneering program which goes like this

— Gentle exercises to get you the right posture. These are based on YOUR biology and gravity biomechanics.

— Then a comprehensive full body motion which gives you the ideal shape and weight. This is a special technique which will work 24/7 all through the year once you learn.

— The complete overhaul of your digestive and respiratory systems so that you don’t eat excess or less and neither store excess.

— An exciting food adventure which is truly tasty yet healthy and gives you excellent nutrition. The food will have all range of taste from sweet to salty. Even chilli or sour as you desire. It will have crunch and color and aroma!!

You will love it!

Join this program. You will change for sure.

You can access it through

A) our fit for Life sessions in groups at Rs 3000 per month

B) Better choice is 1 to 1 sessions with our trainers starting at Rs 900 per session

Look forward to seeing you there

The mind calculates your ideal weight and makes your body achieve it. You are not dependent on calorie counting alone. YOUR brain takes over, judges how much you need to eat for stamina, energy and good health.

While your body simply flushes the fat away. Try it. A true revolution.