Regular fitness classes are being started and would be available for subscribers. Our timings would be suitable for both Indian an international applicants.

These are available both in 1 to 1 sessions as well as in groups. In 1 to 1 sessions a fitness coach will be assigned to you. You have the option of joining groups or 1 to 1 sessions of the following distinct groups of exercises.

For people outside India there are options of timings as per your time zone. For payment details you can discuss with our counselor. All exercises have been made simple for beginners. However, our expert trainers can go to complex and high energy levels.

You have the option of choosing the following distinct exercise groups:

1) Yoga


Yoga is India’s gift to humanity. Now gift yourself good health with this perfect science. We run regular online and offline Yoga classes on MGMF. Because of covid restrictions, Yoga classes at our premises are not possible but the Online Avatar is gaining momentum. Our teachers are experts in the field. Special care is taken for international applicants.

In one to one sessions, our teachers would be available at the required International time zone.

We know that the need and ability of doing Yoga varies with age and due care is taken to explain how Yoga can be done gently, giving you great results.

The course starts with simple asanas We can teach you simple asanas or complex yogic kriyas…from Pranayama to Regular Asanas. We are going international with these programs online. Yogic breathing as a cure for many an ailment has no parallel. One set of exercises focuses into breathing and the pranayama. This is followed by asanas. From simple to the complex, depending on your ability. Contact us now!

One to one sessions start at Rs 900 per class and go higher as per our teacher’s proficiency.

2) Fit For Life


Jeevan Dhara
Fit for life is a game changing program. We have made exercises based on human physiology and gravity mechanics to take your mind and body to the zone of peak efficiency. Central to the program is the concept of “The Comprehensive Full Body Motion.” We call it CFBM in short.

The benefits of CFBM are multi fold in all aspects of life. We will tech you this great science.

Fit For Life is a unique, unparalleled fitness regime developed by us. We have created many exercises using gravity biomechanics and biology and also blended many exercises from Yoga, aerobics and athletic training.

The beauty of the program is that we have also graded it from 1 to 10 levels. Every person can choose the level he or she can achieve as per their age or fitness standards.

In Fit For Life we will teach you

  • Perfect breathing and digestion
  • Body flexibility and strength
  • Getting great energy and stamina
  • Mental strength and goal achieving abilities
  • All aspects of the targeted programs like immunity boost, muscular curves and works
  • Great diets for achieving your fitness goals.
  • Disease alleviation like body ache control, fighting viruses.
  • Many other aspects which cannot be listed here !

You can learn more about this by chatting with our counselor. The program is open for Indian as well as International applicants.

You can join in one to one classes OR as a regular course in group sessions. Please contact us immediately and change your life.

Course fee :
1 Week course — Rs 2050 (in a group)
Monthly — Rs 5000/- ( 4 days a week)
1 to 1 sessions — Rs 1100 per session.

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3) Cardio / Aerobics & Body Weight Exercises

Cardiovascular Exercises/ Aerobics

The benefits of cardiovascular exercises are immense. These exercises help you strengthen your heart, it’s pumping machinery including all the blood vessels and help you manage your blood pressure, weight and much more.

My Gravity My fitness provides you internationally certified trainers and coaches who will help you with your health and wellness and will ensure that you achieve your fitness goals quickly and more importantly in a healthy way.

Bodyweight Exercises/Strength Training

If you are unable to workout in the gym on those heavy big machines then, then we have the perfect solution for you. There are a completely different set of exercises which are called bodyweight exercises in which you use your own body to create an output.

With us you can choose this program, and we will help you accomplish your targets. On the other hand, if you love lifting weights in the gym, well we also have the best certified trainers to help you with the correct posture, form, stability of each and every exercise you do.

Course fee :
1 Week course — Rs 2500 (in a group)
Monthly — Rs 5000/- ( 4 days a week)
1 to 1 sessions — Rs 1200 per session.

Call for getting discounts

4) Creative Meditation


We have a holistic approach to meditation. This is based on creating body awareness in you and then exploring your mind. After each session your mind will get enlightened. Your body will tingle with energy, yet there would be a sense of satisfaction.

You will go deep inside your body, feel each cell. You will tune your respiration, heartbeat, digestion and thoughts to peak efficiency.

Your mind will explore your desires and get satisfying answers on what to achieve and what to shun. At the end of each session you will feel that you are a better person.

Do try out one class. We are sure you will find a path to your satisfaction.

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Course Location

We Have Two Options:-

(1) Delhi

We have our premises in Delhi at 35 Defence Enclave, Vikas Marg, Delhi – 110092

You can contact us on
Email: [email protected]
Or on phone: +91-7678680718, 9891159537, 01142441467

(2) Online

Due to Covid 19 restrictions we are working online, mostly. We cater to audiences and applicants in India and outside India.

Our trainers are proficient in Hindi as well as English. The timings are flexible for International audiences.

The steps to connect to us are very simple

A) send us a mail or call us up. Or chat with us on the chat bot

B) we will take your details and suggest an appropriate program

C) You can then pay and start your classes