My Gravity My Fitness is an exciting place to work. We are the hub of ideas and inventions in the field of health. We are recruiting !

Current openings are for:

Marketing and systems manager:

If you are an IT whiz kid with an interest in marketing the hottest idea in the health industry, you are well qualified for the job. Your job will entail maintaining the IT systems as well as working in marketing. A formal degree with 2 yrs experience will help but is not necessary. Stars in the eyes and ambition is what we are looking for.

Health and wellness coaches:

Both male and females can apply. You need to have some experience in wellness and fitness industry and a formal qualification will help. You need to have a good level of fitness and be an effective communicator.

There are various levels of jobs available. Please apply with a detailed resume.

Email : [email protected]
Mobile : +91-9891159537, 7678680718

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