“My Gravity My Fitness is a bio-engineering and R&D unit. We are committed to scientific understanding of life and fitness problems…”

The director of the Company, Sanjay Mittal is an engineer and dedicated to finding innovative solutions to fitness and life issues. He is the most fervent believer in the power of GRAVITY and is confident that using Gravity as a tool, biomechanic equations can be created to enhance the knowledge of humanity.

With this dream an idea was born and from that idea, we created an exercise and fitness science. The starting point was how the human body understands bio mechanics.

“I have followed this fascinating path of research since 2011. At this point there is an amazing amount of ideas which we can implement to help people. I have created these exercises using my engineering knowledge and deep interest in Yoga, athletics and gym training.

We created what we call the Jeevan Dhara program. This is a comprehensive full body motion in your body which we will train you to have continuously 24/7 and is based on gravity bio mechanics matched with human physiology. This would keep you in the zone of peak efficiency and good health always.”

You have to try it out to feel the change.

The vision is to take this unique approach worldwide.

The techniques and exercises we use go right to the issues of daily life. For example if you want to target ideal blood pressure, weight, Oxygen saturation levels and other body parameters, we have the key.

All solutions are gentle exercise based. We prescribe no medicine.

Using these special techniques we can perform other exercises also. In fact we can take you to higher levels. We have graded our exercises from 0 – 10. Zero is what all people should be doing anyway. Grade 10 is what is done by professional athletes.

So besides the targeted 10 programs we also have regular fitness classes. You can chose a targeted program or regular fitness classes of Yoga, aerobics, strength training. A special section deals with nutrition.

We have a qualified and motivated trainers who Call us or come on chat. We are close to you!

“ These programs and some of the upcoming programs are really breakthrough..
For us each client is valuable. We want to make a difference to YOUR life !”
Sanjay Mittal

Sanjay Mittal

Sanjay is an alumnus of the Delhi college of engineering and has avid interest in eco friendly modern buildings. He brings into the startup, an expertise in business as well as a love for creative innovation.

He has some fondness for fitness and also an abiding love for gravity mechanics and evolutionary theory. The first and last fan of Newton and Darwin, as he says. He is also the writer of two books, The Witness and the 2040: The Battle for life.

Our Team

We have a team regular fitness and nutrition experts. The fitness coaches who take classes are masters of their discipline. We also have nutrition experts to guide you on the right diets.

The meditation and mind technique program is done by a team well versed with the scientific and spiritual aspects.

Dr. Urvi Parmar

Dr. Urvi Parmar is a trained dentist and a health & fitness professional. She is currently studying Developmental biology and Molecular Genetics.

She is driven to the health and wellness expertise learning from her own experiences and is now determined to help people fight their health problems and walk them through their fitness journey in an easy, pleasant and enthusiastic manner.

She loves communicating with people and motivating them towards a better physical & mental health.

She holds international certifications in personal training and sports nutrition. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable in carrying out workouts and nutrition Counselling.

‘I liked the unique approach of Mr. Sanjay Mittal. He has invented a program of Comprehensive full body motion where he attempts to eradicate the physical and mental issues jeopardizing the work efficiency of people due to their poor fitness level, reduced mental consciousness and body awareness. To me, most fascinating is how he has creatively blended the scientific concepts of Neuromuscular remodelling, gravity biomechanics, biophysics & aerodynamics.’

‘We also advise on diet and lifestyle of people so that they stay conscious about their health all times of the day.