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A Bio-Engineering R&D Centre

With Programs To Make You Physically And Mentally Fit!

Most Of The Techniques We Use Are A WORLD FIRST

We Invented Them!


Invented by Sanjay Mittal. They will give you high Oxy.

We offer you a choice of Regular fitness classes or Targeted fitness programs, You can chose either

Regular Fitness Classes

Fit For Life

Fit for life is a unique program. We have invented the “Comprehensive full body motion”.

Yoga Sessions

YOGA is India’s gift to humanity. We have the best skilled instructors who will teach you

Cardio / Aerobics & Body weight exercises

We have expert trainers who can teach you to practice them perfectly and get you good results.

Creative Meditation

Creative meditation is a technique developed by Sanjay . You explore your body

Current Popular Programs

In case you just want targeted programs you can choose short term courses.

Perfect Breathing - Perfect Digestion

We call this Jeevan Dhara- The essence of life. A real life changing program which will synchronize all your body systems

Healthy Weight

A world first. We teach you a special technique developed by us get you your right body weight.

Good Blood Pressure

We have special gravity and pressure based bio mechanic exercises which will help you achieve

Energy Rejuvenation

Special exercises which help you feel energetic 24/7. All your body cells would be rejuvenated

Oxygen Saturation Levels

Maintaining high oxygen levels is extremely critical in these times. At my gravity we have invented

Sleep Power

A special training to enhance sleep and make your life creative and stress-free. We also have

Brain Power For Students & Adults

These exercises will make your brain become more active and receptive to new ideas

Backaches And Body Pain

A unique set of mind and body exercises done gently. It could be a life changer.

Immunity Boost

We have a set of mind and body techniques as well as diets which will aid your immunity. Try them!

Speech Therapy and Voice Training

We have an incredibly easy, yet scientific approach to speech therapy. It is about the physics

Mind Strength

This program is simply mind blowing. Try this out for one session and you will open the gate

Director's Note

Hi ! I am Sanjay Mittal. I am an engineer, researching Bio-engineering. For years I have been pursuing the link between GRAVITY and LIFE.

This Journey meant digging deep into engineering and medical books, discussing with countless people, and observing. And in between I have found out that huge link between GRAVITY and good Physical and Mental health. So here I am… with a set of mental and physical exercises which will get you into the zone of peak efficiency. We have used GRAVITY extensively in making this program. The techniques have been invented by me.

We will teach you to use GRAVITY mentally and physically and then get the right body weight and rightful blood pressure. This is truly a revolution if there was one.

  • Now Achieving and maintaining the right weight will be much much easier, Very easy.
  • Getting appropriate blood pressure may become possible.
  • You will get great breathing and respiration, which will give you good stamina.
  • The technique will teach you to keep up your oxygen levels, much required in these times.
  • Your digestion will enhance and be good.

Further on we have revolutionary programs

  • Brain power program improves your cognitive senses. Your work and life efficiency will zoom up! For students education and exams just become so much easier.
  • Sleep power, Your sleep will become your tool for mending your mind and body as well as giving you creative ideas.

These programs are meant for all ages. Students can go for them. So can adults. And they are based on science.

So just go for them !
Sanjay Mittal

Course Location

We Have Two Options:-

(1) Delhi

We have our premises in Delhi at 35 Defence Enclave, Vikas Marg, Delhi – 110092

You can contact us on
Email: [email protected]
Or on phone: +91-7678680718, 9891159537, 01142441467

(2) Online

Due to Covid 19 restrictions we are working online, mostly. We cater to audiences and applicants in India and outside India.

Our trainers are proficient in Hindi as well as English. The timings are flexible for International audiences.

The steps to connect to us are very simple

A) send us a mail or call us up. Or chat with us on the chat bot

B) we will take your details and suggest an appropriate program

C) You can then pay and start your classes

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